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'Ear wax build-up safely removed with specialised equipment'

Do you have problems with ear wax, or don’t like getting your ears syringed? 

Everyone produces ear wax, some more than others - especially for people who wear hearing aids or noise plugs. A build-up of ear wax is caused by moisture, skin and dust inside the ear canal. Excessive ear wax can cause ringing in the ears, mild hearing loss and in some cases, ear pain.

Wax Removal, Adelaide, Evolve Hearing

At Evolve Hearing we use specialised ear wax removal equipment to remove your build-up of wax easily and safely.

We don’t flush or irrigate the ear canal with water, instead our trained specialist uses a dry method utilising two methods of wax removal, Vorotek Micro-suction or Ear-curette.

You will feel assured that you can come when necessary, to have that disturbing ear wax removed, and you are guaranteed to be treated by an experienced clinician with over 25 years experience.

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