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Hearing aids come in a range of sizes and styles to suit every individual. 

At your appointment at Evolve Hearing we will discuss all the aspects of choosing the right hearing aids, and involve you in the decision. 

We will consider your hearing loss requirements, and your lifestyle needs such as needing to hear softer voices, or hearing in a group conversation with background noise. 

Every person has different needs.  You can be assured that our Hearing Aid Specialist will take the time to answer all your questions, to ensure we choose the right device for you.

Here is an overview of the different hearing aid styles available

Mini-RITE Style

Mini-RITE styles are very discreet, small, and have a small earpiece that doesn’t block your ear, allowing you to use your natural hearing as well. 

A very popular style chosen by many clients, now with rechargeable options, and Brain Hearing Technology.


Oticon MORE Mini-RITE device shown

Oticon MORE Mini-RITE device on the ear shown

In-the-canal Style

In-the-canal hearing aids are custom moulded to your ear, to fit comfortably without any portion over or behind your ears, making them easy to use. 

Their functionality allows them to help you hear naturally and clearly in difficult situations.


Oticon Own custom range shown

Oticon Own ITE-HS model shown in the ear


Designed to meet your needs of being an invisible fit, that is custom designed to fit within your ear canal. 

This device has exceptional sound quality with the latest wireless technology.


Oticon Own Invisible-In-the-ear Model shown

Oticon Own Invisible-In-the-ear Model shown

Behind-the-ear Devices

Behind-the-ear devices are suitable for ease of management, when hearing aids with small pieces are no longer easy to manage. 

They sit comfortably over the ear, with a clear custom moulded earpiece.  These devices come with options of automatic features, and high-fidelity sound quality, in moderate to ultra-power models.


Oticon Exceed model shown

Oticon Exceed model shown in the ear

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