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As one of your main senses, your hearing can tell a story about your overall health.  Since hearing loss can be gradual, it is important to get your hearing evaluated annually, like you do with your eyes or teeth.

Our certified Senior Audiometrist will thoroughly assess your hearing in a comfortable and friendly environment, and explain the results in a manner you can understand.

Complimentary hearing tests are just one of the ways we show our customers how much we care. 

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If you suspect a hearing loss, it is important to have your hearing assessed by a qualified Audiometrist, who can determine your degree and type of hearing loss.

At Evolve hearing we perform a Full hearing test, with audiometric testing and speech testing, to assess your discrimination and understanding of words.

What happens in a hearing test:

  • Our Specialist starts with taking a hearing history, and gaining an understanding of any hearing difficulties you might be experiencing. We then do an examination of your ear canals, to check for wax or infection that might be temporarily affecting your ears and hearing
  • The clinical hearing test is performed, and the audiogram results are shown to you, and are explained in a clear and concise manner, that is easy to understand, and how this relates to your everyday life
  • From here, our Clinician will discuss with you what steps can be taken to help with your hearing.  Whether this be a medical or ENT Specialist referral for a treatable hearing loss, hearing or tinnitus rehabilitation, or to outline what advanced solutions can be offered to match your hearing loss with a correct hearing aid prescription
Hearing Test Specialist, Adelaide, Evolve Hearing

Free ‘no obligation” 30 day hearing aid home trials are offered with all fittings, to ensure you are hearing and managing well with your new hearing aids.  We are always here to help with your progress, and to help teach you how to get used to hearing aids, so that you can be successful with them, and “Make life shine again”

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